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The Anatomy of a Great Quarantine Birthday Drive-by!

Because of quarantine we are all "Safe at home". 😷Even though all our lives has changed- on thing is for sure.... BIRTHDAY'S AND CELEBRATIONS are still happening! 🥳 🤔 How do we transition from your usual birthday parties at home, where you celebrate gathered by your loved ones to "Not having a party" mode?! 🤯. well you still celebrate in a different and fun way!🤩 In my case my little one is turning 11 and even though her "sleepover birthday " isn't happening for obvious reasons ; we are still celebrating with a "Birthday Parade/ a drive by". 🥳🚗🚙🚗🚗🚙 I love planning parties and taking in all the chaos that comes with it! So for us, i wanted to have the following: *invites *goodie bags *decorations * after party

And all of this while having "social distancing" in mind!

You don't have to have it all- just do what YOU want and think it's important and memorable for your bday person!

I usually MAIL invites up to 6weeks before her bday= this year its by TEXT 2 weeks before. I purchased from Paper Craft Party on Etsy!

It was so easy to edit and download so I texted to family and friends!

I had bought all the goodies for her guests 3 months ago. I just bought plastic cute baggies from amazon and will have a little tag that matches her Invites!

Decorations: Balloons of course Here are some examples: Our Instagram

And I also ordered Lawn marquee from a local company: Spell it out IE. (they have in different locations for different counties)

Here is their Link: Spell it out IE

After party!? Yes she is having a zoom chat and some Roblox for a couple of hours with her friends that night!

Overall we must make the best of a situation while keeping our distances doesn't mean her birthday shouldn't be celebrated 💛.

I hope these tips help you in planning and celebrating your special someone!

Hugs to all the parents & caregivers who are making their "Kiddos" Birthday extra special!

Contact me If you need Ideas or Need balloons made for your special day! we service all California &


Email us: or Call: 909-333-5406

-Wendy 💙

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