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Party Planning List: What You need for your next party

Hello Friends...

I really hope you and your family are staying safe and sane at home!! We are doing the same here in My Balloon Land!

All I keep thinking about is the obvious... How long is this quarantine going to last ?!

And then I wonder "Who's going to throw a party right after this is done?!" I am" Im super excited to throw my little star her 12th birthday party Early June 2021...LOL. I'm Seriously super excited you are here and I hope you enjoy this fun list I put together. I included most traditional things you need for a party. I also made sure their is ample space for you to add the

name, phone number & any notes on each line.(lets keep you stress free and organized as possible).

In the upcoming weeks, I will be giving out some tips on party planning, decorating and answering any questions you have (please leave a comment with your questions).

For now here is a list I made of the things you need for your next party. Feel free to download it Or screenshot this "Party Checklist" Which you can print out and fill out to keep you organize for all your upcoming parties.. I made sure I put our name down under "DECORATIONS" ... your welcome :)

*For any birthday balloon ideas check us out on: Instagram or Pinterest !

*When you are ready to book feel free to fill out our form here: CONTACT FORM

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