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An Introduction to Different Balloon Garlands

When your think of ordering a balloon garland; keep in mind they're different styles.

Changes can increase the time and materials your decorator will need to accomplish

the fun, elegant and "WOW" effect your looking for.

Here are some tips to help you determine your final look:

  1. Where will it placed on a backdrop, on a wall, fence? Garlands are not filled with helium which do not float. They are filled with air and need something to hold them up! They cannot be free standing unless your decorator has that available.

  2. Do you have space for a large garland or something smaller? Balloons once filled do need space! the more balloons on your garland more space is needed!

  3. Placing your Balloons Indoors or outdoors in the shade last a lot longer! Also, the outdoor elements will move your garland and bring your balloons out of shape and they will oxide giving your balloons the "satin or matte" finish.

  4. Which theme or Colors are you hoping for? its best to show or send pictures to your decorator so they can match your colors-we have many many colors available and different finishes to balloons too!

Here is an example of an All white garland with Chrome Gold accents, some with silk ferns!

Notice the difference in balloon sizes & the amount of balloon used!? But they are all White with Gold accents!

Remember when you say you "Want a Garland" we need to know your specifics!

*Happy Ballooning! -wendy

Traditional Simple Garland with silk ferns

Double Garland with silk ferns

Double Garland with No Florals

Outdoor Traditional Garland with real florals

Take a look at one of our Color Charts! we can also make custom colors to match your theme (additional costs will be charged for custom colors)

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