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The Guide to A Fun New Year's with Balloons!

Its time to celebrate this *&@#! year it's over! Good Bye 2020.. you wont be missed!

So now its time to celebrate & welcome with open arms 2021!

Although we cannot all gather in large or even small groups in some states;

it doesn't mean we cannot celebrate in style!

You can use Balloons to "Set the New Year's vibe"! How can your small celebration be on point?

Put air filled balloons on the floor and inflate some with helium balloons on your ceiling with streamers attached.

Get some # balloons of 2020 and POP "the last 0" .... Then add a 1 to make it into a 2021" - All while in a ZOOM party! Wouldn't that be fun and memorable?! YES!!!

You can always have your personal Balloon Drop!! whether you wait till Midnight PT or your like me

and prefer 12a.m. but ET --- Pull that balloon drop and have fun with your own balloons!! its a celebration for all of us!

whatever you decided to do ... do it safely and enjoy the moment!

If you need balloon services (and your in Southern California) I can help!

Please contact me on this link to "Contact Page".

See our prior balloon drops on our Instagram "click here".

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