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What's makes a Great Balloon Stylist

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

When you are planning your party the First thing that comes in mind is Decorations!?

You might already know what theme or colors you want or your children want at the party.

But you don't have the time to buy all your balloons and stuff them in the car, which are making them get tangled and causing YOU more stress!

For you Balloons should be a statement and bring that WOW factor ...after all your little one and you deserve it!

Balloons are know to bring smiles at a birthday party, lift someone's spirit who's having not a great day and even make a great prop for photo shoots. All of those points and balloons are easily accessible, Eco-friendly and very affordable!

Today, balloon stylist have transition from just filling up some balloons with helium and attaching them to your centerpieces. Now they are so many combination of colors, designs that work best for your party and budget! your plain color balloon on a string, to a varies shapes, colors, and sizes which compliment any themed party. Balloon decorators can take a balloon and massage, pinch, twist & arrange to create a great piece of art. We as decorators want to see people smile when they see our designs, specially the birthday girl or boy.

Having a decorator, is having someone to assist you! You will have the knowledge of a professional which will make your ideas turned into reality. As a Stylist we hear what your theme is, the colors you would like to see, and where you want your focal point to be. While leaving the creativity to us.

If you tell me "My daughter is turning 5 ,loves Rapunzel and she loves pink, purple & white and we want a sculpture by the way, its outside in a canopy"- i will automatically see this in my mind:

**Flowers to hang from canopy in pink, white and purple, a Rapunzel tower and a Rapunzel princess for pictures (here i did Cinderella)**

This client LOVED our work and her little one was so happy! (priceless)

We work together, plan together, or leave me in charge of everything , making that one less then for you to worry about. I have a handful of clients that decide not to book our services after they speak to us.. why? they liked our professional input but, "have a relative that can do it?".

Those are the clients that later email me after the party is over send me a note of regret (yes that has happened before). This particular client was so reluctant to have a relative do her decorations, but let her do it. And it turned out to be just "balloons on a string" not what her and I have talked about.

Another client said it was "stressful". She had to get all her balloons ordered, helium tank picked up and didn't know how to use it. She stated that the balloons were popping left and right, the cost of all her materials was more than we had talked about... The worst part was she was running late to do the important things, and exhausted couldn't enjoy the party!

Any event calls for a celebration. Maybe you're a small business owner who is ready to open their doors to the public and want their Grand Opening to be noticed! As a Balloon decorator we can design any arch, column or sculpture to match your business logo or product. Not only will your Grand Opening be notice-but our balloons make a great backdrop for a memorable picture! Thanks to On-Pointe dance studio for making us part of their grand opening 9 years ago!

Each event from a birthday party to a corporate event is different and unique... shouldn't your decorations be too? Investing in a balloon decorator will give you peace of mind, unique designs, quality balloons & a fun atmosphere.

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