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How to Turn "Balloon Wishes" into a Memorable Reality for my Client.

Client had a few "wishes" on her balloon set up, and I didn't want to disappoint.

She likes more of a muted color pallet and more organic feel. For this beautiful baby shower I want to make it more whimsical than kiddish. It is very easy to find the "Theme" mylar balloon to put on the garland to "tie-in" the theme but we steered away from that, So how to make it more beautifully and esthetically whimsical?

Take a look:

I would add 2 textured walls to give it a "Whimsical Base" . A beautiful Natural color Rattan wall and our "Horizon" wall. A small change to our wall from a standard Ivory to a Pastel Pink really makes a difference.

The Balloon Colors I choose were the natural Sand color, matte baby pink, and a shade darker of pastel pink.

In between the balloons I would add natural florals , white daisy's, pink poppies, greenery and a vine of strawberries would be perfect! For the corner of one of the walls I would make a Floral arrangement and a wicker basket with florals including real strawberries.

A siting area is a must for the mommy to be. Our Rattan Chair and Natural Rug is a beautiful addition that helps tie in all the items put together.

Lastly, I love to personalized as much as I can. For this setup I would add a clever wording of my clients choice in a cute font and color to match.

Overall this vision was made into a mock-up which typically takes about an hour to accomplish., I love making them! what do you think?

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