Welcome to my V.I.P.cheer

What's V.I.P.cheer:  For so long I have been asked for Advice; Not only from clients on design or styling troubles. But also my fellow business owners--who just need someone to vent or ask for a bias option. I have helped guide New business owners feeli secure, and given some primary advice on how to start their own business, how to deal with certain dilemas etc..  and I love it!! I have decided to "Hear you out" as a business owner or a person that needs a "Personal Cheerleader" to motivate them without shame or feeling like no-one understands.

Our "VIPC" relationship stars from day 1 You CLICK on picture below to pay minimal fee & then you Email me to set up a zoom meeting- along with information. I get to know you, your business or situation. Next, we will schedule THE zoom call to speak face to face for 45min about your thoughts etc. Within 48 hours you receive notes via E-mail with recommendations, referrals or information on what we talked about which I hope will motive you 100%. I will not guarantee success or guarantee you will get more business from our talks - but will be certain that once we have this relationship you will fee more certain about your decision or you will have the motivation to keep going!  We can book following sessions according to your needs- Let me be your Cheerleader and a shoulder you can cry on!

(Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer which cannot give you legal advice, I am not a Psychologist who can give you advice on your next steps, I am not a Guru in any sort...but Can be your go to girl when you need someone to hear you out! Your payment above isn't refundable, New appointments that are schedules will have to go directly to me 1st. First and foremost, you are agreeing here that you are doing this On your OWN will and are willingly ready to be part of our session without making me responsible for your actions.)

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